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Make Great Happen with TAFE Queensland

This is how you make great happen. Get your hands on the latest tech, tools, techniques. Practical, professional, in purpose-built facilities. Work with industry connected teachers who know your name. And know their stuff. Get job-ready with the skills employers want. The skills you need for jobs going now. Study your way. On, off campus. Full time, part time. And open up your options, with over 500 courses across 50 campuses. So what are you waiting for? Apply now and make great happen at TAFE Queensland.

Find more information at: www.tafeqld.edu.au or 1300 308 233

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Know Your Rights: Part-time and Casual Employment Rights

In today’s modern workforce, many individuals work part-time or casual jobs. While these employment arrangements offer flexibility and convenience, it is essential to understand the rights and entitlements that come with them.  What is a part-time worker? A part-time worker is an employee who works between 8-38 hours per week.

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5 of The Best Jobs For Extroverts

What is an extrovert? Extroverts are naturally outgoing, energetic and enjoy being around others. They are “the life of the party” and thrive in social situations. For most extroverts, work is more than just a job but an opportunity to connect with others and make an impact. If this sounds

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jobs that help people

Make a difference: 10 jobs that help people

Making a difference in people’s lives is a goal that many of us aspire to achieve. While there are countless ways to contribute to others, choosing a career that helps people allows you to have a direct impact on the well-being of others and is an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding

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