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From over 300+ degree combinations to exchange and global internships, let our knowledgeable student ambassadors Jenni and Daniel give you an introduction to everything on offer at UNSW.

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8 Recession-proof careers

Recessions are unfortunately a natural part of the economic cycle. And one of the biggest downsides to a recession is the major increases in unemployment it brings with it. Recessions and depressions can seem daunting, but when it comes to choosing a career you have the ability to do your

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What choices do you have after finishing school?

Congratulations! You’ve finished high school. But what’s next? For many school leavers, the period right after finishing school can be daunting. After all, as recent graduates, you’ve just spent the last twelve years following the same routine. From completing homework every night, studying every day and sitting in classrooms from

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Finding and working towards your passion

Are you a school leaver or recent graduate wondering what your next move should be? If so, you’ve probably heard this phrase over and over again. ‘Follow your passion’. But how exactly do you find what you are passionate about? Some people know exactly what their passion is and what

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The key benefits of having a professional mentor

For school leavers and recent graduates, the transition from school to work can be daunting. You may feel nervous and anxious about entering the workforce for the first time. That’s exactly what a professional mentor is for. To calm your nerves and help you transition into the workforce by sharing

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Five essentials for improving your employability

Australia’s job market can be tough. It’s hard to stand out when you’re one of a hundred or more going for the same position.  To give yourself the best chance to shine, here are five ways you can make yourself more employable and win that dream job you’ve been chasing.

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