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CareersEvent.com, formerly Interchange Consultancy Group established in 1995, is a professional event management company specialising solely in the organisation of education and employment exhibitions.

The transitional period from school to work can be a daunting time for our youth. Our exhibitions help students explore a wide range of academic and career opportunities to discover a future that is right for them.

With inspirational talks, topical seminars, application process advice and interactive stands, we deliver an event experience like no other. What’s more, current student representatives are on hand to discuss what it’s really like to study a particular subject, the perfect opportunity to ask those questions Google cannot answer.

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Hard skills vs soft skills: why soft skills are in demand. Group of people in meeting room on laptops.
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Hard skills vs soft skills: why soft skills are in demand

What is the difference between hard skills and soft skills Hard skills are quantifiable, like technical skills and knowledge. They can include things like data engineering, web analytics, or being proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, JavaScript or accounting software like QuickBooks.  On the other hand, soft skills relate to

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Friends at uni walking down corridor talking.
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How to prepare for uni: things to know before you go

Whether you’re about to graduate from high school or you’re heading back to study, take the time to understand how to prepare for uni with this comprehensive guide. Understand how to manage your workload Almost any student will tell you that as soon as you fall behind, it’s so difficult

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Australian Defence Force jobs including Army, Air Force and Navy.
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Getting a job with the Australian Defence Force

Tens of thousands of Australians apply for a position in the Australian Defence Force every year. Not only is a career within the ADF very well recognised nationwide, but a career in the Australian Defence Force also provides a number of additional advantages. Men and women in the ADF experience

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