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CareersEvent.com, formerly Interchange Consultancy Group established in 1995, is a professional event management company specialising solely in the organisation of education and employment exhibitions.

The transitional period from school to work can be a daunting time for our youth. Our exhibitions help students explore a wide range of academic and career opportunities to discover a future that is right for them.

With inspirational talks, topical seminars, application process advice and interactive stands, we deliver an event experience like no other. What’s more, current student representatives are on hand to discuss what it’s really like to study a particular subject, the perfect opportunity to ask those questions Google cannot answer.

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young male introvert sits on park bench listening to music
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5 of the best jobs for introverts

Most introverts consider themselves to be very observant, highly self-motivated and enjoy building meaningful relationships with coworkers and customers. If you’re an introvert looking for a career to suit your strengths, consider these top five best jobs for introverts. 1. Editor Editors usually deal with one project at a time.

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Woman standing in front of group wearing volunteer shirt
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Top five benefits of volunteer work for students

Volunteering comes in many different forms. Whether it’s packing parcels at a food bank or assisting a not-for-profit with their social media activity, volunteers are always in demand. If you’re struggling to decide on your future career path and wish to develop your skills, remember that volunteering could also put

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A nurse shakes the hand of a patient
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High demand jobs in Australia

Thanks to COVID-19 many businesses have been forced to restructure, downsize, and grow to accommodate for sudden changes in demand. Whilst forced to spend more time at home, industries such as IT equipment, home improvements and digital marketing thrived during the pandemic, while others like tourism and hospitality were hit

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