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Introducing CareersEvent.com

CareersEvent.com, formerly Interchange Consultancy Group established in 1995, is a professional event management company
specialising solely in Career Expo’s. Our vast experience/expert knowledge and an extensive database ensures we deliver successful Careers Expo’s.

CareersEvent.com delivers the latest, up to date Career opportunities available in Australia.

Our 43rd annual Brisbane TSXPO is the longest running and largest Tertiary Studies and Careers Expo in Australia.

Our 15th annual Adelaide TSCEA Expo is also the longest running and largest Tertiary Studies and Careers Expo in South Australia.

Our 22nd annual Sunshine Coast and 20th annual Townsville Careers Expo‘s are the longest running and largest Career Expo’s in their regions.

We are proud to be running our 2nd annual Mackay Careers Expo on the 15th August and Darwin Careers Expo on the 20th August, 2024.

RETURNING IN 2024! Our 13th Annual Toowoomba Careers Expo

Our website’s library of Webinars is now used extensively amongst schools all year round.

The transitional period from school to work can be a daunting time for our youth. Our events help students explore a wide range of academic and career opportunities to discover a future that is right for them.

With inspirational talks, topical seminars, application process advice and interactive stands, we deliver an event experience like no other. What’s more, current student representatives are on hand to discuss what it’s really like to study a particular subject, the perfect opportunity to ask those questions
Google cannot answer.

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