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Who is Collarts?

Find out more about the Australian College of the Arts.

A creative arts college offering degrees and diplomas online and in Melbourne with a focus on hands-on, practical, industry learning.

For more information, head to https://www.collarts.edu.au

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Find Your Place SA

Find Your Place SA The defence industry is one of the fastest growing industries in South Australia, yet there are still misconceptions about what a career in the defence sector really looks like. First, working in the defence industry does not mean joining the Australian Defence Force, but in a

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Woman hands resume and cover letter to another woman in a cafe

Can’t find a job after uni?

So, you’ve finally graduated from university and now you’re looking to transition into the workforce. If you’ve been at this stage in life for a while, you might already know that the transition is easier than it sounds. The workforce continues to become more and more competitive and hence many

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student checks the time on her watch whilst studying at her desk

The most effective time management techniques for students

Time is in short supply, especially when you’re a student!  It’s tough enough to juggle school as it is, but throw work and social life into the mix and everything becomes seemingly more difficult to manage. The trick to staying on top of things is learning effective time management techniques. 

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