Top five benefits of volunteer work for students

Woman standing in front of group wearing volunteer shirt

Volunteering comes in many different forms. Whether it’s packing parcels at a food bank or assisting a not-for-profit with their social media activity, volunteers are always in demand. If you’re struggling to decide on your future career path and wish to develop your skills, remember that volunteering could also put you ahead of other candidates with similar qualifications when it comes to applying for jobs. So, what are the top five benefits of volunteer work for students?

1. It improves your resume

Volunteer experience looks great on your resume because it demonstrates that you are compassionate about contributing to your community. Employers value the fact that you have used your spare time to do something meaningful and beneficial to yourself and others whilst looking for work. Volunteer work also demonstrates you have initiative and confidence, which are two key traits most potential employers look for.

2. It improves your skillset 

Volunteer work is a great opportunity to develop your existing skills as well as developing new skills. For example, volunteering will help refine your communication skills as well as your resourcefulness. Perhaps most importantly, volunteering is a great way to develop your teamwork skills as it requires you to work closely with other people towards a common goal.

3. It’s a great way to discover your passion

If you’re unsure about your future career and what path to take, volunteer work is a great way to use this time valuably and understand where your passions lie. By trying out the different activities and roles that volunteer work can offer, you can refine your career hopes and gain a clearer idea as to where you want your future to go. Volunteer work doesn’t have to be relevant to the industry you hope to work in to be valuable to employers, as all volunteer work is credible.

4. It offers networking opportunities

In the same way that volunteer work boosts your communication skills, it also provides a great opportunity to network with people. Volunteering is a natural way to meet new people and increase the size of your contact list. As volunteering is a lot less formal than an official networking event, you will feel more confident and comfortable establishing valuable relationships.

5. You’ll gain valuable experience

As the scope of volunteer work is so vast, you won’t be limited to one role or position or focused on only one cause. This means you have a great opportunity to try out different roles and tasks to find out what you’re good at and what you enjoy. Through volunteering, you will find out a lot about yourself, for example, if you like to be a leader or if your passion lies in creativity or logistics, amongst many other things. This opportunity is extremely valuable to yourself and to future employers.

There are many benefits of volunteer work for students. With a little research, you can find the best skills-based volunteer work to help you excel in your career.

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