5 of the best jobs for introverts

Most introverts consider themselves to be very observant, highly self-motivated and enjoy building meaningful relationships with coworkers and customers. If you’re an introvert looking for a career to suit your strengths, consider these top five best jobs for introverts.

1. Editor

Editors usually deal with one project at a time. A career as an Editor requires high observation skills, where attention to detail is essential to pick up on errors within a document. Some editors are freelance, and while official qualifications are not strictly needed for freelancing, it is usually necessary to work at a professional level. Preferably, a Bachelor of Professional Writing and Publishing or a Bachelor in English, Communications or Journalism is required.

2. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is completely self-reliant, making it among the top independent jobs for introverts. As a freelance writer, you need to be innovative and creative and able to deliver written pieces that fit the brief and are engaging for the intended audience. Professional qualifications are not absolutely necessary for freelance writing. However, a Bachelor of Professional Writing and Publishing or a Bachelor of English, Communications or Journalism is great for mastering professional writing techniques.

3. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers combine their creative talent with technology, designing company logos, images for websites, and anything that requires digital imagery. This is another career that can be done as a freelancer. While the creative process will require back and forth communication with clients, the designer’s actual design part is mainly done alone, even when working for a larger company. As a Graphic Designer, your main focus is on interpreting the client’s needs in an eye-catching, unique way. For this career, it’s best to study some form of Graphic Design, such as Bachelor of Graphic Design or a Bachelor of Design.

4. Librarian

Working as a Librarian in a relatively quiet, and peaceful work environment is considered another ideal job for introverted people. You can use your attention to detail when categorising books, and interactions with customers are usually brief and very focused. Another fun concept of the job is getting to read the books on offer to help people find what they are looking for. The recommended qualifications for a librarian are a Cert IV in Library and Information Services or a Diploma of Library and Information Services.

5. Veterinarian

Perks of being a vet? You deal mostly with animals instead of people. This particular career requires strong diagnostic abilities and, sometimes, outside-the-box thinking. You can work for yourself by starting your own practice, or you can work in an animal hospital, shelter or zoo. There are so many opportunities for vets, and an introvert can choose the path they feel most comfortable with. To become a fully qualified vet, you need to complete a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and then a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

There are so many wonderful career opportunities for introverts out there. These are just five of the best jobs for introverts, but it’s important that you become familiar with your own strengths, so you can choose the most suitable career path. 

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