What choices do you have after finishing school?

Congratulations! You’ve finished high school.

But what’s next?

For many school leavers, the period right after finishing school can be daunting.

After all, as recent graduates, you’ve just spent the last twelve years following the same routine.

From completing homework every night, studying every day and sitting in classrooms from nine to three you have finally come to the end of school and are about to transition into the workforce.

Nowadays, there are so many options to consider when you leave school. This guide was made to lay out all of your options on the table to help you choose what’s right for you.

1. Further education

A lot of students choose to continue studying in a field they are interested in.

Luckily for us, there are now thousands of courses great and small to choose from.

You can choose to do a degree at university, a diploma at TAFE or maybe an online certificate.

Depending on your interests and if you have a career path in mind, you might be required to complete secondary studies.

2. Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to get real-life experience in an industry of your choosing.

Most tradesmanships require you to complete an apprenticeship.

If you’re considering becoming a plumber, carpenter, hairdresser, chef, etc. You should look into the apprenticeships on offer.

3. Employment

When you finish school you can also enter the workforce and start working casually, part-time or full-time.

Many young people find this is a good way to transition into adulthood, giving you greater responsibility and allowing you to have some financial independence.

However, it is recommended that you consider career development opportunities within your chosen career so that you can continue learning and developing.

4. Internships/ work experience/volunteering

Taking on internships, work experience or volunteering can help you trial certain jobs and industries to see if they’re the right fit for you.

Internships, work experience and volunteering are also a great way to build up your resume while you figure out your future plans.

5. Serve in the military

The Australian Defence Force is always recruiting enthusiastic new members.

If you think the ADF is right for you, it also comes with significant benefits.

6. Gap year

Choosing to take a gap year and travel can be a very useful way to become more self-aware so you can come home and excel at your career.

You can even choose to study abroad so you can experience life in another country whilst progressing into your career.

7. Start a business

If you’re the entrepreneurial kind, why not start your own business?

Find a niche you’re passionate about and dedicate yourself to it.

Who knows? You could be the next Steve Jobs!

Choosing the path you want to take as a recent graduate is an important decision that will have significant effects on your future.

However, don’t stress if you’re still figuring that out – it’s not a race.

Take online quiz assessments, do further research and speak to your teachers and mentors, family and friends.

You’ll find the right path for you before you know it.

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