8 Recession-proof careers

Recessions are unfortunately a natural part of the economic cycle. And one of the biggest downsides to a recession is the major increases in unemployment it brings with it.

Recessions and depressions can seem daunting, but when it comes to choosing a career you have the ability to do your research to ensure you secure a career that is as recession-proof as possible.

Here is a list of some careers that have endured difficult times, yet were essential enough to make it through them.

1. Law Enforcement

Law enforcement has been a long-standing career across the globe. 

Even in economic hardships, if governments decided to lay off law enforcement, they would risk spikes in crime and therefore more of a downturn in their economy.

This is why there will always be a need for law enforcement workers no matter the economic cycle.

2. Medical Professionals

There is always and will always be a need for medical professionals.

No matter what is going on in the economy, there will always be people that are sick or injured needing care from a medical professional. 

If you are considering a career in the medical industry you might look into careers such as doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and medical technicians. 

These are the careers within medical seemingly untouched by recessions in the past.

3. Accountants

If you have a way with numbers you might want to consider a recession-proof career within Accountancy. 

Whether we are experiencing an economic recession or not people still need to manage their finances and more often than not look for an accountant to do so.

4. Funeral Workers

As the way of life goes, there will always be a need for compassionate funerals workers in the community. 

Although budgets for funerals might tighten during a recession, it’s likely family members will still want to host a funeral and wake for their loved ones.

5. Senior Carers

As we get older, I’m sure we all hope that there will be a sufficient amount of senior care workers to help us through our late stages.

Without senior care workers, society would not be what it is today.

6. Fire Fighters and Investigators

Bushfires in Australia aren’t going to stop any time soon, nor are humans going to stop mistakenly leaving gas stoves on. 

This is why firefighters and investigators are essential even during a recession. If the number of firefighters and investigators were limited during a recession and a disaster were to happen – that would be the end of many communities.

7. Veterinarians

The bond between a family and their pet is unbreakable. That’s why there will always be a need for veterinarians.

Even during a recession, veterinarians are extremely necessary to a lot of people.

8. Public Transport Workers

Public transportation is also a necessity for a lot of people. Especially during a recession where running a car can be significantly more expensive than catching the train.

That’s why careers within public transportation can be considered recession-proof.

Make informed decisions when it comes to your career

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to choosing a career path.

Though, it is important to know that recessions are inevitable and that choosing a recession-proof career could safeguard you in the long run.
If you need more advice or want to learn more about recession-proof careers speak to us today.