Studying online: benefits of online courses

More and more students have opted for online learning because of the many benefits of online courses. 

This is understandable with advancements in technology allowing students to complete studies and certifications from the comfort of home.

If you are considering studying through an online education institution, find out more about the common concerns of face-to-face learning and the benefits of online courses to determine which study option suits you best.

Common Concerns about face-to-face learning

Many people struggle with face-to-face learning, especially when they start studying a course for the first time.

This is not an uncommon problem within society; there are a number of common concerns voiced by students across Australia.

One of the most common concerns about face-to-face learning is work/study balance.

For many students trying to support themselves through their studies, set class times can be a major challenge.

It can be difficult trying to juggle fixed class times, work rosters, taking on extra shifts, financial problems and exams; especially when you’ve never had to juggle these things before.

Students also often voice concerns about their teachers and lecturers. 

Problems with educators can be a major concern for a lot of students.

This is because students that struggle to engage or concentrate due to their educator’s way of teaching can negatively impact their online studying experience.

Expensive travel costs and parking expenses are also common concerns for first-time students, especially those trying to balance work and study.

Luckily, for those concerned about face-to-face learning, there is a second study option – online education.

Benefits of online courses

There are many benefits of studying online. 

Compared to the aforementioned concerns, online learning provides many benefits for many students in different situations.

Here are just some of the reasons why online education is better:

  • You have the freedom to study when you want and where you want
  • You can work more often and offer your employers more flexibility
  • It can be cheaper than face-to-face learning (less travel and parking expenses)
  • You can avoid distractions (classmates and teachers)
  • It is a suitable alternative for those who prefer to teach themselves rather than be taught
  • It can be a less stressful learning experience (no running late or stressful classroom settings)

These benefits might not be the best solution for every student.

For example, those who prefer to be surrounded by classmates and teachers will likely prefer face-to-face learning.

There are differences in opinions on both types of study, leading to some unrealistic myths about online learning.

Myths about online learning

Some common myths about online education are:

  • Face-to-face learning is more effective than online learning
  • Online education is not viewed as favourably as traditional institutions by employers
  • Online learning is easier than traditional institutions

These myths may have begun as somewhat truths, however, with the advancements in technologies and online learning institutions, these myths are no longer viable.

Online education continues to improve with time and is fast becoming a highly sought after studying option.

If you are interested in learning more about your future study options, check out Careers Event Career Seminars page and take a look around all of the wonderful study options available to you.