How to choose a fulfilling career

How to choose a fulfilling career. Young woman at work smiling happily and holding a pen and book.

In Australia, the average person will spend over 13 years at work (HuffPost Australia, 2017).

Let that sink in for a minute.

13 years of your life will likely be spent at work!

This is why it is so important that you choose a fulfilling career that is not only based on the average salary but a range of fulfilling factors.

Find out more about the factors you should consider when determining how to choose a fulfilling career.

What is a fulfilling career?

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Confucius

A fulfilling career starts with your values, beliefs and ambitions. 

If you have a love of art, you might find a fulfilling career as an artist, a designer or as an art consultant.

However, this is just one of the pieces of the puzzle.

Achieving a fulfilling career means that you’ve satisfied six other criteria that combine to provide employees with a sense of satisfaction and a fulfilling career.

What makes a career fulfilling?

A fulfilling career is not achieved simply by securing a job in your field of interest.

In fact, fulfilment comes from a range of factors including:

  1. The people you work with and the company culture
  2. The degree to which your values align with your work
  3. The rate of pay
  4. The intensity and stressfulness involved in your work
  5. The physical environment you work in
  6. The learning and career advancement opportunities available

So, with all of these factors in mind, how do you find your dream job?

How to choose a fulfilling career

On average in Australia, a person will change their career path between five to seven times.

So, be mindful that securing your dream job might not happen straight away. 

If you’re a recent school leaver just starting out in the job market or you’re looking to pursue a different career path, we’ve got some useful tips to help you achieve your dream job.

Tips on how to choose a fulfilling career

1. Research the career you are considering

Look into things such as key professionals in the field.

Watch their videos or read about their experiences, then think to yourself, ‘do these people talk about things you are interested in?’

2. Research reputable companies you might consider working for

Once you’ve found a few companies that appeal to you, really dig into what they do, why they love it and whether these companies are suitable for what you are looking for.

Remember, the physical environment, the alignment of company values and the people you work with/ company culture are important factors in securing a fulfilling career.

3. Research the pay rate and career advancement opportunities

Most people simply search for high paying fulfilling careers, but this should not be the only determining factor to consider.

You should look at whether you’d be content with the average rate of pay within the industry as well as the career advancement opportunities.

Both factors are important so that you are consistently challenged and interested in your career.

4. Talk to friends, family, teachers and mentors about their experiences within your industry of interest

It’s likely someone you know or somebody they know of has had experience in the industry(s) you are interested in.

It’s always helpful to reach out and seek advice from trusted friends, family, teachers and mentors to get their perspective on the career path you are interested in.

The more advice – the better!

Start planning for your fulfilling career today

If you want to avoid changing careers numerous times in your lifetime, start planning for your fulfilling career.

Invest in yourself by investing time in making the right choice when it comes to securing your dream job.

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