International College of Management, Sydney – ICMS: Ever wondered about studying at Manly’s ‘Castle on the Hill’?

Jodie, an ICMS Student Advisor will explain! She’ll share how: 1) ICMS is a higher education institution with campuses located right here in Manly and in the city of Sydney. We offer degrees that are recognised in the same way as traditional universities in Australia. 2) All ICMS degrees are internationally recognised too – which means you can go anywhere in the world with your degree. It also means we get students from all over the world come to study with us too. In fact, in 2019 we had students from 52 different countries on campus! 3) To apply for ICMS you can apply through UAC – the same as all public unis. 4) And yes – because we are a recognised and approved provider you can get a government loan to cover your tuition fees. But also tell you what makes the student experience at ICMS different!

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