Leveraging LinkedIn to land your dream job

While LinkedIn has become established as a great professional networking tool, it’s also a useful space to search for available jobs and submit applications to employers. More employers and recruiters are using LinkedIn as a point of reference when hiring candidates, so it’s important to leverage this handy tool to ensure job search success.

Read on to learn how to get a job through LinkedIn with these handy hints.

Spend time completing your profile

Your profile is the first place an employer will go to learn about you, and it’s important that it showcases the best of what you have to offer. You’ll want to give time to formulating a summary of all your professional employment and skills, as well as a general job history. This will help potential employers find you and might also lead to recommendations and references for positions meeting your aptitude and expertise. You can even enlist the help of a career coach to create a profile that employers and recruiters simply can’t resist.

Include a professional profile image

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and you want to be confident that your LinkedIn profile image says only the best things. Ensure to use a high-quality image without a background, and that you’re dressed the part. Try to avoid selfies where possible, as these don’t always come across as professional. 

Ask people who know you for recommendations

Connections speak volumes and the recommendations of friends, colleagues or clients could help you land that dream job. Maximise your chances of job search success with LinkedIn by building connections and providing references for your professional acquaintances, who may in turn refer you back. It’s important you seek recommendations from people you trust and who know your skills, experience and work ethic.

Activate the #OpenToWork feature

This handy feature lets recruiters and your network know that you’re actively seeking work. You can even engage the broader LinkedIn community when you incorporate an #OpenToWork frame in your profile image or create posts using the hashtag. The numbers speak for themselves: on average, people with an #OpenToWork frame receive 40% more InMails from recruiters.

Post and share content regularly

Regular updates and sharing of content show you maintain an active professional profile and also communicates your interests, values and achievements to potential recruiters. You might share a post from someone you admire or even announce an award or third-party recognition you’ve achieved. These are great ways of ensuring you’ll be noticed.

Join LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups offer spaces for connection with others sharing similar interests, skills or competencies, and they’re a useful tool for employers or recruiters seeking to hire new candidates. When you join LinkedIn groups, you also have the opportunity to gain career-development skills and network with people in your industry.

Connect with leaders from your dream employer

Increase your chances of getting a job through LinkedIn when you connect with leaders in the companies you aspire to work for. Adding leaders to your network shows your interest and lands your profile in front of potential recruiters. It’s a helpful way of maximising your potential for getting that job you’ve been dreaming of. 

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