How to prepare for uni: things to know before you go

Whether you’re about to graduate from high school or you’re heading back to study, take the time to understand how to prepare for uni with this comprehensive guide.

Understand how to manage your workload

Almost any student will tell you that as soon as you fall behind, it’s so difficult to catch up again.

So, when you first enrol in your courses, take note of the hours worth of work required to gain a full understanding of the subject and complete the coursework.

You can prepare yourself for uni by ensuring you are capable of spending the time required and put in the effort you know is expected of you.

In doing so, you will mitigate the risk of failing subjects, avoid losing academic credit or negatively affecting your GPA and avoid accruing additional financial debt.

Figure out your best times to study

This isn’t something you can mentally prepare for before uni but something you will need to learn for yourself during the experience.

It might take a few weeks but eventually, you will get to know when and where you concentrate best.

For some people, it might be early in the morning when your brain is fresh, or perhaps in the afternoon after you’ve fueled up on lunch and for some, it might be during the evening when home and campus is quiet. 

Once you discovered your sweet spot study times, you can strategically plan your study.

Discover what you like (and don’t like)

You can start mentally preparing for uni by researching your courses and finding out exactly what they will entail.

There will likely be subjects you find yourself excited about and some not so much.

However, once you undertake the actual course, your perceptions might change and eventually you’ll discover what you like and don’t like within your course.

This discovery is important as you can use it to guide your career path and decide where you want your university degree to take you.

Back up your work in multiple places

If there’s one thing all past uni students will tell you, it’s that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You can start preparing for uni by setting up your Google Drive if you haven’t already and investing in a couple of trusty USB sticks.

Then make sure you get yourself in the habit of saving your work in multiple places like on your laptop, G Drive or USBs and enjoy the stress-free satisfaction of safe work.

Feed your brain with good food and remember to stay active

Uni students are often excused for fueling up on countless energy drinks and sweets because they’re always hard at work.

But in reality, a sugar rush will just lead you to crash and burn.

If there’s one thing you should know before going to university, it’s that a sharp mind needs nourishment and your body needs regular exercise.

Make time to study, time to eat well and plenty of time to exercise and take breaks.

Choose your friends wisely

Who you choose to surround yourself with at university can have a massive influence on your results and overall learning experience.

Depending on what you want to get out of your university career, we can’t stress enough how important it is to surround yourself with likeminded people.

Don’t be afraid to move away from those that hold you back and find new friendships with people that encourage you to be the best you.

Enjoy the experience

Finally, enjoy the experience!

Make sure you’re fully prepared for uni and get pumped!

Not everyone has the privilege to study and gain a higher education so make sure you soak up every last drop.