How to get into uni without an ATAR

Young woman studying in a library

If your ATAR score is too low for your desired course, you may be feeling slightly disappointed about your chances of studying your chosen profession. However, this isn’t an uncommon predicament for people, and there are actually plenty of ways to get into uni without an ATAR. 

4 tips to get into uni without an ATAR

1. Study a diploma

A higher education diploma will give you the qualifications you need to enter a Bachelor of Arts program. A diploma takes around one year of full-time study, offers valuable knowledge, and gives you insight into student life. 

Undertaking a diploma course is a helpful stepping stone to improve your ATAR and eventually enter university.

2. Expand your experience

If you’ve been out of school for a while and you don’t have an ATAR score, you might consider arranging some work experience in your desired field.

Some universities consider work experience as a pathway into part-time and full-time study. Even if your experience isn’t directly related to the field you wish to study, you may have transferable skills that can be adapted.

To be sure your work experience is transferable in the eyes of your preferred universities, you should first make contact to ensure that your hard work will be recognised and you will achieve your end goal.

3. Choose a bridging course

A bridging course is a great way to expand your understanding of a subject, receive credit for the courses you undertake and propel you into the world of study. Most bridging systems intend to bolster your skills and satisfy entry requirements for many degree programs.

Bridging courses are often a one-off intensive program completed in speed-intensive trimesters to help you transfer into your desired university degree faster. 

4. Tertiary Access Courses

If you’ve been out of education for a while, or have lost confidence in some of the academic basics, then a Tertiary Access Course (TAC) is a great way to improve your knowledge. A Tertiary Access Course will give you the chance to develop a multitude of skills, including English and communications, maths skills and an understanding of IT and computer use.

You’ll develop advanced skills, too, like understanding how to carry out research, how to harness critical thinking and how to use resources to bolster your knowledge and studies.

TAC courses can be undertaken on a full or part-time basis and are an excellent solution to satisfy the prerequisites you need to attend university without an ATAR score.

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