Careers in demand: Top 5 industries for 2023

Whether you’re entering the workforce for the first time or seeking the next step in your professional journey, it is becoming increasingly important to consider the role each job will play in the future workforce. Some positions are slowly phasing out, while others are experiencing significant growth due to societal shifts and changing consumer needs. With the understanding that not all jobs will withstand these shifts, it’s clear to see why seeking out careers in demand has become critical to safeguarding your professional future.

Greater demand = greater career opportunity for job seekers

There has been a significant shift in the job market since the beginning of the pandemic. Employers across the board are struggling to find the talent they need, while employees have become spoilt for choice. With this in mind, many employers have begun seeking new tactics to find and retain the staff needed to see their business thrive.

According to one study, 31% of employers are now offering increased wages to applicants in the current market with a further 23% packaging signing bonuses and other incentives to entice applicants into accepting a role. 

The Australian Government is also offering training in priority areas for what are termed “resilient occupations”, or careers that will always be in demand and require an urgent influx of staff. With these high demand careers becoming more easily accessible in Australia, and more profitable for employees, there’s never been a better time to start considering your own potential career growth opportunities.

Careers in demand for 2023

5. Retail

The retail industry is the backbone of the workforce with generous room for career growth opportunities. Retail is a multifaceted industry that can serve a wide range of interests, and boasts an equal number of high demand roles under its umbrella. Between sales assistants who directly interact with customers, to retail managers who oversee the operation of a store, to warehouse staff who handle the storage, distribution and logistics of stock, the careers that will always be in demand in the retail industry are as varied as they are vital.

4. Construction

With housing in short supply in recent years, careers in construction have significantly increased. From hands-on roles in the industry such as labourers, electricians, and carpenters to managerial roles and even satellite positions such as civil engineers, there is no better time to consider branching out into a career in the construction industry. 

3. Education

There are few industries as rewarding as education. Shaping the future of the next generation is a position of vital importance, and one that will always be highly sought-after. Careers in demand for the education industry include teachers for both primary and secondary education, in addition to childcare and early childhood educators employed in kindergartens and childcare centres.

2. IT

In a world defined by constant progress, the skills needed to work within the digital realm are more critical than ever before. In fact, software and app programmers are the second most vacant career in Australia, making it a prime industry for career growth. Between software and app developers, and business and systems analysts who apply technical data to tackle problems in the business world, this is an industry that will only continue to grow.

1. Health

As Australia begins to move forward out of the shadow of the pandemic, health sectors have become a high priority, as new staff are desperately needed in related positions. Careers in demand in the healthcare industry include doctors, nurses and allied staff in the treatment process across a variety of diverse fields — in fact, there were nearly 10,000 job ads posted for registered nurses alone over a three-month period in 2022. 

Other vital careers with equal room for growth opportunities are physical therapists and aged or disability carers. With an ageing population, this is a career that will always be in demand for those with a caring nature, a willingness to work hard, and an eye for fine detail.