Attitude vs experience: which is more important to employers?

confident woman interviews for a job

When it comes to applying for a new job, many of us will read the job description and realise that we don’t necessarily have all the skills or experience that the company requires. This can often make many of us reconsider applying, even though we’re highly interested in the position. 

Many employers actually consider passion towards their industry and the position as desirable candidate qualities. So if lack of experience stops you from applying,  you could be missing out on some life-changing career opportunities. 

Benefits of having a good attitude

The benefits of having a good attitude cannot be overstated. Most employers love a can-do attitude as it shows they have ambition and the willingness to learn new things. 

Employers will often consider hiring someone if they believe they have the right personality and attitude, even if they don’t have all the experience they are looking for. This is because technical experience is considered to be worth teaching, especially if the candidate is deemed a good fit for the workplace.

A great attitude, self-motivation and the willingness to learn new skills can often be the deciding factor in whether or not you are the successful candidate.

Benefits of work experience

Having the prerequisite experience that an employer is looking for can also be beneficial to your application. When employers are time-poor, they might seek out individuals who require minimal training and can hit the ground running. This is often the case in jobs of a highly technical nature that require a certain depth of knowledge and a skill set that can take a long time to learn and develop.

Which is more important to employers?

While skill sets and experience are undoubtedly important to many employers, the vast majority of employers look for a great attitude and passion when interviewing potential candidates. Employers see these attributes as transferable, and they show the candidate as self-motivated, passionate and willing to learn new skills.

Even if you don’t have the skills listed in the job ad, if you have a personality that will fit in with their existing team culture and a great attitude and self-motivation, many employers will look upon your application more favourably.

Employability skills

If you see a job advertisement that catches your eye, but you don’t necessarily have the required experience to apply for it, why not apply anyway? 

With many employers looking for the right attitude and personality to fit into their team, as they are skills and experience, you have just as much chance of successfully gaining the role as someone equally or more qualified.